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Haida 100 Series Filter & Holder System

Haida 100 Series Insert Filter Holder system is designed with interchangable Adapters

100mm x 150mm 11 different Grad ND's available
(see below)

High quality Aluminum material. Much stronger and more stable than ABS plastic.

100 Holder include an extra set of guides
to add an extra filter slot

Series 100 Pouch
Holds up to 6 filters + Holder

Darker ND's
Include 2 X
Light Gaskets

Haida 100 Series 100mm System Filters

Optical Glass Filters

Soft Grad ND
100mm  x 150mm

Hard Grad ND
100mm x 150mm

Reverse Grad ND
100mm x 150mm

100mm x 100mm

CPL 100x100mm
/ Round CPL

100 Series Adapters